Brittney McNamara is a journalist living in Boston and working outside of it. This blog is a collection of her work. Unless otherwise noted, all work appearing on this blog was written by Brittney, and published wherever she is currently working. Links always included.

Brittney is currently a staff reporter at the MetroWest Daily News, covering education and town politics. When she’s not busy sassing Selectmen after board meetings, Brittney enjoys writing long enterprise stories for the paper on whatever subject caught her attention most that month. While currently a daily news reporter, at her heart, Brittney is a features writer.

Before setting out into daily journalism, Brittney worked at a small weekly paper that had scooped her up from a very brief freelancing stint (the allure of weekends was big.) While a journalism student at Boston University, Brittney was an editorial intern at the Boston Phoenix, covering food, feminism and pop culture. She also wrote for the student-run magazine, the BU Quad.

When she’s not being a Serious Lady Reporter™, Brittney can likely be found in her kitchen, crafting some type of meal that pairs well with whiskey.



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